Program Criteria

The Bee Friendly PA Initiative recognizes Pennsylvania communities that use best practices that encourage beekeeping as well as a hospitable habitat for bees in the community. This program is open to urban, suburban and rural communities of all sizes. Town managers are encouraged to submit applications defining their community’s efforts in the following categories:

Legislation – examples of legislation based on PSBA’s best management practices and reasonable or no-cost permits, roadway management that allows growth of native plants.  Legislative bodies that promote the importance of beekeeping to the public through Pollinator Days, municipal-sponsored farmers markets, mayoral proclamations, etc. are also considered.

Education – examples of programs being offered in the local school district, at public libraries or in the community re: beekeeping, pollinators, etc. Examples could be instruction in conjunction with school rain gardens, garden club lectures, community events featuring the Honey Queen, etc.

Pest Management – review of MSDS sheet for solutions used in weed and pest management applications used by the municipality and school district.

Pollinator-friendly Green Space – examples of parks, traffic islands and roadways where native plants are encouraged or maintained.  Examples of green building and wastewater solutions that encourage plant growth and promote the use of retention ponds, swales or other solutions that provide bees access to water.

Community Support – Examples of the promotion of local honey in restaurants, hosting community apiaries or beekeeping clubs, etc. are also considered.

Download an application here. (PDF)